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ALL As’ is one of the leading agency for tutoring Mathematics in Singapore, we have well-trained tutors who will help teach your child Mathematics no matter the level of education they are in, this includes PSLE Maths, primary students, secondary students, JC(Junior College), Kindergarten, A level, O level, Pre-School etc. No matter where you are located, we can get you the best tuition.

Why we are the best
·         We are known for having the best centers for tutoring with a large number of teachers who have been linked to lots of students and have success stories.
·         Our teachers are certified and qualified to teach because we scrutinize their qualifications and their passion for teaching.
·         We go at the pace of your child to train him or her by providing a tutor that will suit their needs.
·         We meet the needs of every parent by providing the best center and tutors for Math.
·         We believe in every child, and we help bring the best out of them. We are of the opinion that environment contributes to the learning of every child.
·         Our aim is to bring out the confidence in your child, so they can face any challenge that is ahead.
Our Trainers/Tutors
Shakinah Begum Binte Hamid Sultan (Founder and Principal)

Sultanah has been an auxiliary educational professional specialising in Chemistry and Mathematics for more than 15 years. She offers exemplary educational support to students of all levels, including primary, secondary, junior colleges, Integrated Programme and International Baccalaureate. She holds a Master of Science (NUS) and has taught in some of the top junior colleges in Singapore. Many of her students have achieved stellar academic performance under her tutelage and have moved on to top universities around the world.
Sultanah is also the author of many Chemistry enrichment books for the junior college level.


Few words from soul of our students

“Hello, Miss Sultanah. I’m with you since Primary school and continued my tuition with you when I was in secondary school too. For me, you are like my another mom who always smile, the patient with my tolerance and motivate me to move on during my difficult times. You always ensure that we get enough practices and does not waste too much time and teaching things over and over again. The lessons here were much more focused and easy to understand which made me score A for Chemistry and Maths subjects. Thank You, Miss Sultanah!”

2           2.  PEI TING

“I got A for my Chemistry, Additional Maths and Elementary Maths. I am really thankful for this opportunity to study Chemistry and Mathematics with you. Your lessons have been very engaging and interesting that has helped me to develop a passion for Chemistry and Mathematics. All A’s Academy lessons have taught me to analyze questions better as well as apply the correct concept to solve questions. It has also given me ample practices to build up my confidence as well as discover my areas of weakness. I highly recommend my friends to get O level and A level Chemistry and Maths tuition at All A’s Academy.

          3.      PRIYA NAIR

Hi ! Miss Sultanah.I’m Priya Nair.I have been studying with you since when I was in secondary school and my journey continued till my A level, slip. I attached my O level and A level slip. Under your excellent tutelage, I’m able to score A in my O level Chemistry and Additional Maths and Elementary Maths scored A in my A level Chemistry.After attending All A’s Academy, mathematics .it has been wonderful in helping me with my Chemmathematics. I never knew I had the potential to actually do well in these subjects.I also strongly feel that the notes are written you, the short summary, as well as the points, brought up I the class have helped me clear many doubts and understanding a lot the concept better than my school.Every Chemistry and Maths tuition classes are so meaningful in the revision leading up to A level.

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Address 2: Telok Blangah st 31, Blk 93 A #27-155, 3rd centre, Katong Shopping Centre,  Singapore (689685)

Phone Number: +65 (0) 8345 1373

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